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Until recently I was in a relationship. I'm 24 and bisexual, whereas she is 21 and doesn't know who she is yet. We love each other and are good friends. She broke off our relationship because I'm bisexual and didn't tell her until she asked a couple of months into our relationship......";"

Also she wanted to find herself and learn to love herself.
I want to be with her. She says she wants space, and the first thing I do is complain. When I give her some space, somehow we end up talking or seeing each other. This most often happens with her calling or texting, yet she tells me nothing has changed. We had talked about children, marriage, and the rest of our lives. I am trapped in hope.


Byron, your sexuality is so undefined you don't know if you have a preference for males or females. What is a woman supposed to do with that? How does a person with a preference understand a person with no preference? It's like not having a favorite color, not having favorite music, not having favorite foods. If you don't know what you want, how can she be sure what you want? That's her problem.

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